Healthier New Year! Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference.

If turning the page to a New Year includes making resolutions and setting new goals, you’re not alone. According to Forbes Health, nearly half of all Americans plan to set at least three New Year’s resolutions for 2024 and, on average, resolutions stick for only 3.74 months. Of the most popular goals, nearly 48 percent want to improve their fitness, 33.8 percent want to lose weight, and 31.6 percent want to improve their diets.

Fall Into Autumn with Chicken & Apples

Ah, autumn. It’s truly one of our favorite times of year! Scorching summer days give way to more tolerable temperatures, as the night air cools to a crisp. Our homes are filled with cinnamon and vanilla aromas, as harvest colors of crimson and gold warm our interiors.

Have a Healthier Spring with Pomegranate Chicken

While starchy carbohydrates and refined sugar taste oh so wonderful, most of us have left Carb Madness (and March Madness) behind to feel better and more energized, now that we’re turning the corner toward spring

Size Your Thanksgiving “Just Right” With Chicken

With Thanksgiving just under one week away, we’re all counting down toward the day of belt-loosening (just a notch) and carb overload. No matter the side dishes served, most of us will feature a golden-brown bird on the center of our dinner plates and tables.

Chill Out with The Air-Chilled Difference

Standing in the fresh chicken aisle of your favorite retailer is a little like looking across a vast sea, and you can’t see the other side. With choppy waters of endless label claims coming from every direction, you bob, weave, and just hope to come up for air with a package in-hand. Victory!